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What make us unique?


We love to make games with rori/rota and we support this community


We like to have hardcore themes and kinks in our games


We plan to have a big focus on the backstory and lore

Our Games

Adventurous Monster Breeder

Breeding Sim Game

Loli and Shota content

The game will have loli and shota content

Monster breeding

This game will have monster breeding and pregnancy

Complex npc interaction

This game will have a deep interaction system

Advanced AI

This game will have a deep and complex AI

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Now What?

The first decent build after a long hiatus in development is finally out, tbh it’s more like a restart in the project after the big hiatus since late 2017, i think this last build is Read more…

Adventurous Monster Breeder 4.2.3 Release

We just released a new Adventurous Monster Breeder. This build is the first build after the art and code overhaul, it's still kinda a test build but it's pretty stable, i want to get some feedback if possible.