We just released a new Adventurous Monster Breeder Test Build.

This build was meant to be released a couple of weeks back but the ones of you that follow us close know we faced a lot of problems, our website got hacked, and patreon suspended our page again, that’s the reason behind the delay.

This build is focused on the sex system, the older followers know how bad the old AMB sex system was, this one is far better, on this one you can:

  • Change sex animation without ending the sex interaction
  • Change to 1st to 3rd person camera while in sex
  • Improved 1st person camera

We also added the:

  • Facial expression system

This will enable the npcs to have procedural facial expressions depending on what they are doing, right now only lolis have this added, but the system is in a way that it’s super easy to add new expressions.

We also greatly improved the locomotion system for the characters.

We also added the:

  • Outline Effect in the interaction

Since AMB birth people asked for this simple feature and we added it now.


F: Interaction

Q: 1st Person Camera

Esc: Menu

Middle Mouse: Change Movement mode

X: Spawn NPC

And the codes to disable the Censor are:



And get a lot of benefits.

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