We just released a new Adventurous Monster Breeder Build.

This build is the first build after the art and code overhaul, it’s still kinda a test build but it’s pretty stable, i want to get some feedback if possible.

Leave your feedback on the discord if possible.

This build is focused on art and systems overhaul, basically i rewritten the code base and remade the models.

Some Pictures

4.2.3 Changelog


  • New male base
  • New female base
  • Added Brutaro female monster
  • Added Kato female monster 
  • Added Kuniklo female monster 
  • Added improved sex feature
  • Added speed and pose variation for sex
  • Added basic Facial expression feature
  • Added Stomt feedback feature
  • Added realtime fur
  • Added fur & noFur variation
  • Added monster lairs
  • Added UI notification
  • Added compass markers
  • Improved hair shaders
  • Added 3 new hairs for female base
  • Added half of dialogue sounds
  • Improved Graphical Settings
  • Added simple water

And get a lot of benefits.

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