The new 4.4.0 build is ready, this build isn’t focused on porn content, it’s more focused on gameplay elements, probably this will be the last build focused on non porn content we will have for some time, and from now on i can focus mainly on porn content.

But what are the biggest additions on this build? the big thing is the attributes system, it the highlights of this system are:


  • Individual Attributes Level System:
    Each attribute has its own xp bar, in the past i was planning to make a system similar to the ones we see in these common rpg games, where you have 1 main level and all actions you perform in game give you a default xp, and when you increase your main level you choose one attribute to upgrade, i don’t like these kind of progression, i’m more into something like when if you punch someone you get strength xp, if you cast magic you get xp on you magic, that’s how the current attributes system is working on amb, if you perform a sex action you get a xp on the sex attribute if you have sex with a dragon you get sex xp and a little of strength xp and so on, and i removed the main level from the game, now you overall level is a sum of all your attributes.
  • Variable XP based on character attribute level:
    When you perform an action involving another character like having sex the amount of xp you get is based on the other participant attribute level eg: when a younger monster has sex with an older one it will get a lot of xp cause the older generally have a bigger sex level, but if 2 younger monster have sex they will get low xp from each other cause generally younger one have low sex level.
  • Selling monsters now give money, and build stuff cost money:
    Now when you sell the monster you will get actual money that will be used to buy stuff like props clothing and items, the money you get is based on the monster attribute levels, but in the future i plan to add the option for certain races give more money depending on the buyer preferences.

As you can see these where some real needed systems and beside those i add more minor stuff like you can see in the changelog

4.4.0 Changelog


  • Character statistics system
  • Character attributes subsystem
  • Character Power and Intellect level
  • Basic level up and xp system
  • Assets system
  • Money subsystem
  • Sell npc gives money
  • Buy bed cost money
  • Lewd Interaction gives xp based on the other character level
  • Attributes randomization based on age and gender
  • Monster Info on dialogue
  • Improved main menu video settings
  • Character Menu
  • Character Statistics
  • Attributes xp progress bar
  • Ingame UI skin overhaul


  • Change screen size and screen mode

4.3.0 is Now Free

And don’t forget the 4.3.0 is now free for everyone.


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