On this build we decided to focus the barn system and the early gameplay elements, like character mood and needs and now you can buy and store food in the barn and the npcs will consume it, the npcs in the barn will also regen their energy at night, the player can also sleep on any bed, but for now only the player can sleep, if you go to the barn at night the npcs will still be wandering, but if you leave they will start regen their energy for now the mood system and needs system is a wip, we also made many UI improvements, next we will make the npcs mood reflect on their facial expression and cause some buffs on debuffs, add more need types we also want to make the characters have a memory of past events and these events will reflect on the character mood, like if a character is abused it will remember and act accordingly.
Stay tuned for next build.



  • Character mood based on fulfilled needs
  • Character mood state
  • Sleep and Hunger needs
  • Player can sleep
  • Sleeping replenish player energy
  • Npc eat barn food
  • npc replenish energy at night
  • Needs variation based on gender
  • Building window and door
  • Nocturnal and diurnal behavior for characters WIP
  • Day stages dawn, morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night
  • Store and buy food units on barn
  • Slave storage optimization
  • UI clock


  • Night brightness
  • Interface Style


  • Build spot dialogue showing actor info
  • Pregnancy notification consumes mouse if in sex or dialogue
  • Monster lair compass marker not loading
  • Global light flicker on game load

Known Issues

  • Animations prior to build 4.8 aren’t working

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ROBERT XAVIER MACEDO · 11/09/2020 at 11:32 PM

I downloaded the link specified here, but it doesn’t have any of the descriptive features in that post, I can only buy beds and talk to the NPCs and have relationships with them, but there is no system of humor, hunger or anything described, the link does not download version 4.9.5, but 4.9.0.
here it said that 4.9.5 was free but it looks like it’s not like that or am I doing something wrong?

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