I posted the new builds for the supporters a few weeks ago but forget to announce it here on the website, sorry about that ^^’

These builds added some needed systems, like the capture and sell(early) functions.

Also i’m using Pixiv Fanbox, now they allow paypal payments for adult creators, and they have a amazing interface for western user, so if you want to support us using paypal Fanbox is the place to go.

430 Changelog


  • Dialogue branching based on conditions
  • NPC “StCell” “bed”
  • Capture/Acquire NPC (Dialogue)
  • Store NPC in storage cell
  • Barn building type
  • Barn Dashboard
  • Rename Npc In Barn
  • Sell Npc(Early)
  • New UI for Barn Dashboard
  • Npc Barn Listing
  • Building spawn manager based on “StCell”
  • Building coziness level (early)
  • Social class (early)
  • NPC greeting based on species
  • NPC greeting based on social class (early)
  • Furniture build/buy
  • Furniture types (early)
  • Building types (early)
  • Building analytics (early)
  • Improvements on skin shader


  • Virginity check in dialogue

431 Changelog


  • New main menu UI skin
  • Playfab Integration
  • Improved Ai avoidance
  • New barn type


  • Ai roaming radius and delay


  • Change sex animation black screen
  • Glowing fur


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