I posted the new builds for the supporters a few weeks ago but forget to announce it here on the website, sorry about that ^^’

These builds added some needed systems, like the capture and sell(early) functions.

Also i’m using Pixiv Fanbox, now they allow paypal payments for adult creators, and they have a amazing interface for western user, so if you want to support us using paypal Fanbox is the place to go.

430 Changelog


  • Dialogue branching based on conditions
  • NPC “StCell” “bed”
  • Capture/Acquire NPC (Dialogue)
  • Store NPC in storage cell
  • Barn building type
  • Barn Dashboard
  • Rename Npc In Barn
  • Sell Npc(Early)
  • New UI for Barn Dashboard
  • Npc Barn Listing
  • Building spawn manager based on “StCell”
  • Building coziness level (early)
  • Social class (early)
  • NPC greeting based on species
  • NPC greeting based on social class (early)
  • Furniture build/buy
  • Furniture types (early)
  • Building types (early)
  • Building analytics (early)
  • Improvements on skin shader


  • Virginity check in dialogue

431 Changelog


  • New main menu UI skin
  • Playfab Integration
  • Improved Ai avoidance
  • New barn type


  • Ai roaming radius and delay


  • Change sex animation black screen
  • Glowing fur


DannyD3V1to · 26/10/2019 at 5:26 AM

So I paid the $10 for citizen on itch.io, but the supporter part of the menu won’t open, is it a work in progress?

    loreadmin · 30/10/2019 at 6:41 PM

    yeah it’s still a work in progress, the perk you would get by supporting would be to have the game uncensored and the loli content but due to popular demand, i decided to make all the versions uncensored until the game has more content and is more polished, meaning for now by supporting you get access to new features before anyone else.

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