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  • Gameplay elements for sex system
  • Lamaati Race for all actors
  • Sex Speed
  • Wanted sex speed for actors
  • Sex intensity
  • Pleasure Bar for actors on sex
  • Visual Effects when sex speed found
  • Emoji system on sex
  • Emote system
  • Notification when pleasure running low on sex
  • Sex Stance
  • Different Insertion sound based on intensity
  • Moan when speed found
  • Procedural Head movement on sex
  • Individual Wanted sex speed for each actor
  • Sex Pleasure decay rate based on partner Sexperience
  • Procedural Facial expression based on Mood Status
  • Procedural Facial expression based on sex pleasure bar

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fuhao · 29/07/2020 at 4:52 AM

Want to join footjob

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