It’s Out!!



  • Kink system
  • Age related kinks
  • Kinks Tier
  • Sex interaction tier based on kinks
  • Procedural kinks generation
  • Kink based sex interaction WIP
  • 20+ Animation combinations for actors
  • Reworked succubus race
  • Physics for wings and boobs
  • Halloween thematic content
  • Main city Wip
  • Cum system
  • Data oriented cum types
  • Cum types, animation, speed or fade
  • Cum sounds
  • Actor specific cum
  • Actor specific blowjob interaction on sex
  • Improved sex panel
  • Sex panel options
  • Kink based sex info
  • More sex pleasure status
  • Sex interaction classes, Fun, foreplay intercourse WIP
  • Sex emote based on sex interaction class
  • Fun sex emote class
  • New material for some races


  • Sex pleasure now restart after cum
  • Sex animations sorting
  • Pleasure increase rate
  • Sex speed range


  • Procedural body shapes based on shape overlay and age shapes

Known Issues

  • Maternity Progress lost due to compiling issues

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Muggo · 08/11/2020 at 12:36 AM

Very nice looking forward to more updates

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