First of all, sorry for taking so long to finally release this post and of course this build. Many issues happened that has taken too long to be dealt with and that delayed the release way more than it was expected. From random crashes to losing important source-code data, but anyways, we’re finally here.

This build features three major additions total, two of them long-awaited systems: worldmap and inventory. You can now travel between places, settlements and so on, thanks to the “worldmap” feature and with the inventory system, many interactions are now open to be possible.

And the third and most important addition: the theme. We’re now on a futuristic theme but don’t worry, the core mechanics will still be here, so you can consider that we only changed the “design/visual” a bit and everything else is still exactly the same.

Take a look on the screenshots and check the changelog right below!



  • Inventory
  • Item Use, Drop, Transfer
  • Item Physics
  • Props Physics
  • Container Storage
  • Equipment Wearing
  • Equipment Mixing
  • Random Equipment for Npcs
  • New Clothing
  • Equipment Types
  • Crossdressing
  • New Dick(Needed for upcoming futa)
  • Shota & Male dick rework
  • New City
  • Futuristic Theme
  • New Futuristic Props
  • Vaginal Anims
  • Inventory integration on sex system
  • World Map
  • Travel between places
  • Different Settlements
  • WIP Vehicle System


  • Wrong camera rotation and aim after sex
  • Parts of the face appearing on sex when in first person

Known Issues

  • Poor Performance on older machines on new level (to be fixed)
  • Save system not working


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