Hey guys, we are not in patreon anymore, but that doesn’t mean we have closed our doors, we just moved to a more friendly place, this place is

We will keep making Adventurous Monster Breeder Nothing has changed, and we hope all this drama has finally ended, we can’t say all of this was not usefull, it was terrible having to face it all, but we learned a lot, first that we should never use any third party platform to host our content.

From now on all the development updates are going to be posted here on LoRe’s Website and Telegram, if you want to know what is happening bookmark us, we will use SubscribeStar as a billing platform and a place to share the supporter benefits, like codes cheats and more.

About AMB, nothing has changed, a new build with more content is coming soon, more monsters, better animations since now we have a better animation setup and more, stay tuned.

About our long term future, there are still some things we want to straighten, like move our website to a self hosting environment, we have the required knowledge but we rather just do it when we have enough money to acquire a decent hardware and connection to host it, we will start doing some tests in the near future, but this is not our priority now.

And in the long future we also want to have our own billing solution, first we plan to add a crypto based solution, and later we will look for a free speech payment processor, but this is for the distant future, our immediate priority is with the AMB game.

We truly think we can grow again with your help, this time in SubscribeStar, we promise to do our part and bring you an amazing game.

And lastly thank you so much for the ones that are still with us after all of this.

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